Taxi and Private Hire Insurance

Archer Insurance Services specialises in providing taxi drivers in London and across the UK with affordable, fully customised insurance solutions designed to suit you. As specialist taxi insurance brokers, we can provide comprehensive, custom-tailored insurance policies based on your unique circumstances, ensuring you always have the right cover. 


We know that taxi driving is the livelihood of many of our clients, and that being off the road for any amount of time can result in significant financial loss. This is why we aim to develop an in-depth understanding of your requirements, discussing and comparing multiple factors with you to tailor an insurance policy that suits your needs. We strive to ensure that, in the event of an accident, your flexible cover helps you get back on the road as quickly as possible. 

All our policies are available with flexible payment options, and are available as weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and annual cover. No matter what you need from your insurance, Archer Insurance Services will provide you with the protection you need at the lowest possible premiums. Get in touch with us today on 020 8682 4990 | 02071210000 or at or to see how we can help you.

Public Hire Insurance

Archer Insurance Services can help taxi owners find the best deals on public hire insurance. Our experience and in-depth market knowledge mean we always find cost-effective public hire insurance quotes, all without compromising the quality of your cover. Whether you are looking to cover one taxi or a small fleet, we can find the perfect flexible insurance policy for you. 

We can secure policies for all vehicles, including MPVs and minibuses, working with you to ensure you have the exact cover you need. Our competitive cover includes:

  • Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance.
  • Alternative Transport for your Passengers.   
  • National Roadside Assistance.
  • Breakdown and Repair Cover.
  • Accident Recovery.
  • Glass Cover.
  • Legal Fees and Claims Management Cover. 
  • Home Start. 
  • Replacement Vehicles.

Our specialists are also on hand to deal with any enquiries you may have and to provide you with comprehensive support in the event of a claim to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Private Hire Insurance

At Archer Insurance Services, we know how to deliver the best private hire insurance cover to help you stay on the road and earn a reliable living. Our insurance specialists will use their expert knowledge to find a comprehensive policy that covers your saloon, MPV, or minibus completely against the unexpected. Some of the cover our bespoke policies include:

  • Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance.
  • 24-hour Nationwide Roadside Assistance.
  • Alternative Transport for your Passengers.
  • Replacement Cars. 
  • Home Start Recovery. 
  • Breakdown Cover. 
  • Accident Management Cover. 
  • Legal Fee Cover. 
  • Glass Cover. 

We can also help you recover any uninsured losses, and will guide you through any claims you need to make, working with several accident management specialists to ensure a hassle-free process.

London Black Cab Insurance

Black cab insurance is a specialist cover designed for taxi drivers who have passed the Knowledge of London exam. We understand that your vehicle is your livelihood, which is why we aim to secure cost-effective black cab insurance policies that cover roadside pickups as well as pre-booked trips. 

Our comprehensive black cab cover includes:

  • Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance.
  • 24-Hour Breakdown and Roadside Recovery.
  • Alternative Transport for your Passengers.
  • Home Start Recovery. 
  • Accident Management. 
  • Plated Replacement Cars. 
  • Vehicle Contents Cover. 
  • Windscreen and Glass Cover. 
  • Legal Expense Cover. 

We also offer a range of driver policies and will take any other factors into account to tailor the perfect cover for you. 

Taxi Fleet Insurance

In addition to securing cover for single taxis, we also offer bespoke fleet insurance solutions to help you cover all your vehicles under one convenient policy. Our expert taxi fleet insurance brokers deal with both private and public hire vehicles, using their specialist market knowledge to help you secure the best policy at the lowest available premiums. 

We can secure flexible policies with a range of payment options, including driver cover for all experience levels, mixed vehicle policies, and risk management if necessary.

Executive and Chauffeur

This type of insurance is designed to protect drivers who offer pre-booked transport in higher value luxury vehicles against a wide variety of risks on the road, whether they are at fault or not. We offer customised executive and chauffeur insurance cover to contracted and self-employed drivers, as well as taxi businesses that take on public hire, private hire, and chauffeuring work. 

Our comprehensive cover can include:

  • Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance.
  • Alternative Transport for your Passengers.
  • Like-for-like Replacement Hire Vehicles. 
  • Nationwide Breakdown Cover. 
  • Accident Management. 

We can also arrange other specialist policies, including for the carriage of celebrities.

Taxi Replacement Vehicles

We also offer a replacement vehicle service to ensure you get back on the road as quickly as possible following an accident. We will secure a variety of policies that will provide you with:

  • A Like-for-Like Plated Vehicle. 
  • Roadside Assistance. 
  • Breakdown Cover. 
  • Legal Expenses Cover. 
  • Advice on Personal Injury Claims. 

Get in touch with our claims professionals, and we will liaise with all the relevant parties and manage the entire process on your behalf to ensure as smooth an experience as possible. We will also keep you updated with the progress of your claim, and are always on hand to offer any additional assistance.

Taxi Insurance FAQs 

What is Taxi Insurance?

Taxi insurance is a legal requirement for vehicles used to carry passengers for hire and reward. There are two different types of taxi insurance, namely public hire insurance for taxis that pick up customers on the street, and private hire insurance for pre-booked travel. Both types require vehicles to be plated to the licencing authority. 

What Geographical Areas Do you Quote For?

We are based in London and cover the entire UK. Visit our London offices for a face to face consultation.

What if I’ve Been Refused Insurance Elsewhere?

Our experienced team has helped many customers who have been refused insurance with other providers due to various circumstances. Give us a call, and we will try our utmost to deliver an insurance policy to meet your needs.

What Types of Vehicles Can I use as a Taxi?

Saloon and estate cars are most commonly used, as these have space for a minimum of four people and offer ample luggage space. Minibuses and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) are used for larger parties, while executive cars are used for executive and chauffeured taxi services. 

Do you Insure Taxi Fleets?

Yes, we offer a variety of insurance options for taxi fleets of all sizes. 

What Do I Do in the Event of an Accident?

If an accident occurs while you are in your taxi and you need to make a claim, you will first need to collect specific details and as much other information as possible to establish what happened. 

What Policies Are Available?

There are a comprehensive range of policies available to taxi drivers, including third-party only, third-party fire and theft, and comprehensive cover. The main choices are between a named driver policy, a policy-only deal, or an all-driver policy. Cover can be for a week, a fortnight, a month, or annually. 

We also offer a vast range of policies, including single vehicle, multi-vehicle, and fleet policies, all tailored to suit your unique business. Multi-vehicle policies are ideal for two to three vehicles, while fleet quotations cover three or more vehicles. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Who Will My Insurance Be With?

At Archer Insurance Services, we work with a large panel of insurance companies. This allows us to search for the best cover at the best price.

We also offer a vast range of policies, including single vehicle, multi-vehicle, and fleet policies, all tailored to suit your unique business. Multi-vehicle policies are ideal for two to three vehicles, while fleet quotations cover three or more vehicles. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

What information will you need to collect?

The information you need to collect from drivers, passengers, and witnesses includes the following:

  • Names.
  • Addresses.
  • Contact information (numbers, email addresses, etc.).
  • The registration information of all vehicles involved.
  • The colour, make, and model of all vehicles involved.
  • If possible, take photos to help determine who was at fault. 
  • Descriptions of the weather and any other unusual information, including road quality, lighting, and more. 

Once the initial trauma and anxiety as died down and everyone is safe, get in touch with us as soon as possible on 020 8682 4990, and our claims team will take care of everything.